Study pinpoints 3 common antidepressants tied to the most weight gain

Anitdepressants offer help to people with depression. However, this research identifies 3 common antidepressants that cause the most weight gain. Speak with your doctor before changing or stopping medication. 

Antidepressants and weight gain 

Drugs like Ozempic, Wegovy linked to eye condition causing vision loss

Ozempic and Wegovy have become very popular for their effectiveness in helping people lose weight. However, they have some side effects. Research has linked them to vision loss. 

Ozempic and Wegovy linked to vision loss 

Study finds possible new target for early treatment of Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimers is a common form of dementia and scares many people. New research is showing hope for early treatment. 

New early Alzheimer's treatment? 

Certain gut bacteria, viruses may increase type 2 diabetes risk, study finds

Type 2 diabetes affectsa significant portion of the population. Here is some research on what may increase that risk.   

Factors increasing diabetes Type 2 risks 

Acupuncture can help boost sleep quality in Parkinson’s disease

Sleeping is a problem for people with Parkinson's disease. New research shows that acupuncture can help this. A big boon for Parkinson's patients. 

Acupuncture and Parkinson's 

Possible complications of psoriasis

Psoriasis is an uncomfortable and possibly embarrassing condition. But it can also lead to a number of complications. This article looks at complications possibly related to psoriasis. 

Complications of psoriasis 

Debunking 4 common intermittent fasting myths

Intermittent fasting has gained in popularity as a way to lose weight. But like so many other things myths have arisen. This article lays these myths to rest. 

Intermittent fasting without the myths 

Feeling consistently lonely may increase stroke risk

No one likes feeling lonely. People feeling lonely are often encouraged to get out or join a group or do something to interact with others. New research shows that feeling lonely for too long may increase the risk of a stroke.

Consistently lonely may lead to stroke  

Healthy eating habits can help prevent cognitive decline later in life

Cognitive decline is a dreaded but too common situation in seniors. New research shows a healthier diet may help prevent cognitive declien in later years. 

Healthy eating may prevent cognitive decline 


Daily aspirin use among older adults remains prevalent despite potential risks

A daily aspirin was popular for people to help prevent cardiovascular disease. But now it is no longer recommended for those over 70 as a primary medication. This research explains why and what is now recommened. 

Despite changes many still use aspirin for heart issues